Pre-filter to remove waste & debris

The Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond. It can be set-up gravity or pump fed and has many benefits over the original bow screen technology.


cetus sieve specifications

  • Self-adjusting sieve
  • Gravity fed or Pump fed
  • Pre-Filters large amounts of waste and debris before the water enters your current filter system
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit to remove leaves and other floating debris via a surface skimmer
  • Compatible with all filtration systems, however it is the perfect pre-filter for the Evolution Aqua Nexus filter range
  • The Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, suitable for pre-filtration of any biological filter including all pressured filters

Gravity-Fed Installations

gravity fed cetus sieve

Pump-Fed Installations

Pump Fed Install cetus sieve

Download Manual for Cetus Sieve


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