The automatic choice for your garden pond

The EazyPod Automatic is a self cleaning, automatic mechanical and biological filter
system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres.

A control box fitted to the side of the filter contains an adjustable timer



automatic eazypod descriptions

  • Circulating pump (not included).
  • Automatic Air pump with K1 Micro media.
  • Crystal clear, healthy water powered by a static bed of K1 Micro
  • The Eazypod UV Automatic comes with an integrated 18 Watt UVC built in
  • Pump Fed Installation only

Cleaning Cycle
The K1 Micro is cleaned by the integrated air pump, that is connected to the air line , which goes to an air ring in the base of the inner chamber. The air ring has small holes in it which causes the K1 Micro to move and clean itself.During the cleaning cycle, the finer particles escape into chamber from the K1 Micro. This waste water will be automatically dumped via a 1½ inch motorized ball valve.

Cleaning is fully automated  and is controlled by a built-in timer, which is set to run every 3 days, however, this is easily changeable. A Cleaning Cycle lasts approximately 6 and a half minutes.

Download Manual for EazyPod Automatic

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Standard, With UV-C Bulb


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