Evolution Aqua VariPump Pond Pump


High Performance Controllable Pond Pump

Evolution Aqua VariPump is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds. Output and energy consumption can be fully controlled. Comes with three phase motor that is quiet and reliable. Available in three sizes, Varipump 10000, Varipump 20000, Varipump 30000. Suitable for use in and out of a pond. Hosetail fittings included.



vari pumps for ponds specs

Evolution Aqua Varipump Models:

  • Varipump 10000
  • Varipump 20000
  • Varipump 30000

  • Powerful enough to run the largest of ponds and filters, and in the most demanding of situations.
  • Suitable for use in and out of a pond.
  • Six pole, three phase motor All supplied with controller.
  • Controllable Adjustable flow control.
  • Hosetail fittings included.


Download Evolution Aqua Varipump Manual

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Varipump 10000 L/Hr, Varipump 20000 L/Hr, Varipump 30000 L/Hr


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