Green Control – Natural


Green Control is a completely natural product to control algae and keep the water quality under control. Green Control is a product that contains no additives of algaecide, zinc or copper compounds. Green Control extracts the nutrients from the water, which need algae to grow. 



Special chelates take nutrients from the water and make them available to algae and aquatic plants

Even old deposits of heavy metals are dissolved and converted as a nutrient. The inserted fruit acids, in combination with
the stable chelates for a carbonate hardness. The nutrient bound in this manner is taken up by the algae and the
algae reaches deep into his lime structure. This limestone structure of the algae is dissolved and the algae dies.
The use of Green Control increases the levels of phosphate in the water, which is produced by the binding of all
the nutrients that are available in the water. This has no disadvantages for fish, plants and other pond inhabitants
as well as birds, dogs, cats, etc.

Even a 3times overdose will not harm the fish or plants. Green Control is also suitable for swimming ponds and harmless to humans and animals.

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Green Control


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