Kusuri – Klay


Kusuri Klay mimics the natural mud pond environment where high quality Koi are traditionally bred and grown on during the summer months. Kusuri Klay is a pure mineral, free of any chemicals, phosphates and base metals. (The colour of the clay may vary from batch to batch).



Koi absord minerals in large quantities from the water helping bone and cellular growth

Kusuri Klay aids mineral availability in the water. This product was researched for Kusuri in the late 1990’s at Exeter University. This exclusive clay removes stress proteins from the digestive tract of Koi carp, caused by food left open to airborne spores of fungi and algae. By adding an optimum level of 5% Kusuri Klay, digestibility of food can be improved by up to 22%. Kusuri Foods outperform many other foods on the market today because of this addition

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1kg, 3kg, 8kg (pouch), 8kg (Bucket), 25kg


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